And I feel so alive

Last night I went to a Tilly and the Wall show. I really, really love this band. I have for about four years now, ever since Steff Crashy Crashy gave me four CDs with a couple bands each on them. But for the life of me I couldn't tell you who was on the other CDs. Right out of the gates with "Fell Down the Stairs" they blew me away. I was hooked. Each record is just better and better. They're one of those bands for me. Few are. Avail, Saves the Day, Against Me, Sleater-Kinney.

I don't really go to shows anymore. The last one was Saves the Day with Eli and Hannah over a year ago. I just happened to stumble across this one in the paper the last week at work. And I almost didn't go. I sure am glad I didn't not go*.

First band, Elephant Kiss, was super annoying. Their like a bad meme. Second band, Bird Watchers United, was pretty alright. They got me be-bopping a bit. Oh yeah, there was like 30 minutes between bands. What's that about?

But then Tilly came on. It didn't matter that I didn't know anyone there or that hardly anyone else was dancing. In fact, nothing else mattered. I felt like I used to at shows. Like they were magic. Screaming these words like our lives depended on it.

They played a phenomenal set. Then a three song encore which ended with their song "Night of the Living Dead". The final words of the song are: "I wanna fuck it up. And I feel so alive." Over and over. In that moment, truer words did not exist.

Of course, recordings of any kind don't replace actually being there, but here is a video of them playing "Night of the Living Dead" at some other show. That's kind of what it was like last night.

Here's a few other videos for extra credit:

That is some kind of heckafied grammar. Heckafied.