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  7. FOR SALE: Ricoh GR Digital Camera and Canon Vixia HF20 Video Camera

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  9. 15 Pounds of Chicken of the Woods Mushroom from a Tree in LA

  10. Snails

  11. REI Boilerplate Response to the May 8th ATM/Loomis/Arrest Incident

  12. REI ATM / Loomis / Seattle Police Incident: The Cliff Notes

  13. What happened at REI. An Update.

  14. Of ATMs, iPhones... and 9/11?

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  17. Two Weird Waking Dreams

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  19. Ted Williams' Last Game

  20. Old pictures atop Bernal Hill in San Francisco

  21. Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker

  22. And I feel so alive

  23. Yep.

  24. Hawai'i, I miss you so

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  26. Very un-Apple like error message

  27. Shoplifting Seagull

  28. Rockin' in the (not so free) USA

  29. Is this for real?

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  31. 14 months and 50,000 comics later...

  32. A Pretty Good Bus Ride

  33. Vertically Integrated

  34. Mormon Vegan Straight Edge girls are hot!

  35. On getting suckered. By a fanboy, nonetheless.

  36. “War is hell, Sir.”

  37. It IS a small world after all. Twice.

  38. Dr. Hammond, the phones are working.

  39. everything burns bright when its new

  40. Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

  41. Wal-Mart lowers shoplifting bar

  42. the answer: best date ever… a baseball game with vegan hot dogs.

  43. timone was a good dog

  44. the hint: 718, oh oh oh oh oh song, and a backward K.

  45. mickie fickie firecracker soap on rope*

  46. rooftop swimming party

  47. robert deniro and susan suranden can kiss my ass!

  48. we have seen the double-speak of the powerful

  49. big big post coming up soon

  50. the northwest passage.

  51. yesterday gets a gold star. ten gold stars!

  52. and great distance means i’ll probably never see you again.

  53. james is the cutest ever

  54. las vegas IS NOT positive

  55. hilarious hilariousness

  56. “the death of birth” and “in devastation, there is opportunity”

  57. miss maguire, this is for you.

  58. i just wanna have GOOD. CLEAN. FUN.

  59. no. more. long. distance. ever.

  60. my homies : brooke and bookis

  61. dogs at tanner dog park, salt lake city

  62. salt lake city bike collective

  63. currently reading : the long emergency

  64. san francisco at night.

  65. this shadow is not a rock

  66. this party was ‘busted by the cops’

  67. the pirate shop in sf

  68. my bomb ass curry recipe

  69. tegan and sara (now… which one is tegan?)

  70. the wordpress upgrade party

  71. pictures of me in btown

  72. all hallow’s eve in sf 2k4

  73. currently reading