<p>Today I:</p>
    <li>built a mud flap on our rear car gate so the little dog, Beta can't get out</li>
    <li>unstuck two french doors</li>
    <li>clean some random crap out the yard</li>
    <li>moved the compost bin</li>
    <li>did some diplomacy with the landlord</li>
    <li>listened to some podcasts: Planet Money and The Pipeline</li>
    <li>made and ate a great lunch out on the poolside in the sunshine</li>
    <li>read a little bit of The Elements of Typographic Style</li>
    <li>played with the doggies</li>
    <li>walked around the yard, slowly</li>

  <p>I'm currently waiting for my lovely girlfriend Stacey to get home from work to spend a little Quality Time™ together. All in all, a pretty great day. Life is finally starting to work out.</p>