timone was a good dog

timone high action shot.

a dear friend of mine, shawn, experienced a great loss a few months ago. i meant to write this back then when it happened. his dog was close to him and he was important to his dog. timone was insanely loyal. he was obedient. he came when you call him. he cuddled. he played one hell of a game of fetch. he'd catch anything you threw at him. literally. i never saw him not like someone. timone was hit by car and was killed. i'm sorry, shawn. i'm sorry, timone. i've been through this more times than anyone should.

chris isn't the only dinghy in this photo.timone totallys 0wn3rz3d that couch.timone just got james in the mouth.puny human. you are too slow to avoid my dog kisses. -timone.look at how cute this dog is that i'm pointing at. -some random hand.tim motherfucking one.dog hugs and kisses. and james too.hugs not drugs.