the northwest passage.

route from salt lake to seattle

me and my buddy james are hitchhiking outta here in a couple minutes out to seattle for the trial reunion show. actually, i'm mainly going for the vegan donuts and james' sweet sweet company. then i / we are gonna hitch down the coast to santa cruz. all the while alpha matt and katie are hitching outta here to santa cruz where they'll be meeting up with their ride in a van up the coast to trial. stoked. we were gonna race in teams of two out to santa cruz, but there isn't room for us in the van. oh well.

in other news, i fought with cingular for two hours yesterday and it looks like the only to turn my phone back on is to get a new number, which i don't want, all b/c of that stupid merger. big stupid mergers are sooo 1999. when are they gonna learn? so the (a)moral of the story is, i won't have a cell phone anymore. i'm sorry. the only way to reach me will be email, or this weblog.

so, i gotta go now. please try not to worry too much. i've done this many times over and i'm always safe and smart. besides, threepio will look after me.

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