Bronchitis, you better watch your back.

I went to the doctor today (first time in over a decade) because I've had this chest cold that I just could not kick. Sure enough, I've got bronchitis. Fucking bronchitis. (Asshole). I've already missed a couple days of work.

And now I'll have to miss a couple more now. And I really don't want to. This wave at work is kind of time intensive for me. I have 3 things to do that are 1) easy and short, 2) a little harder but in an area I feel good about exploring, but still relatively short and 3) long and in a domain where I flounder.

After the end of this wave is when I start my big trip to New Zealand / Australia / Hawaii. So, I really want to tie up all lose ends before I go and not have to worry about anything back home from the road.

I guess I just have to keep my head down and power through.

Oh, yeah. I stocked up on soup & crackers, Mega-Antioxidant juice, raisin bran and I happened to get some comics in the mail. Swirl all those together with a dash of some spicy food with a side order of a couple hot baths and you should get one healthy me at the end of the weekend or so.

I really hate being sick.