<p>i'm moving to seattle.</p>

  <p>i don't know if all four of you caught that from a <a href="http://veganstraightedge.com/articles/2006/3/21/3/little-guy-proclaims-his-love/">previous post</a>. which by the way, apparently no one caught that i did not write that post, but instead my girlfriend, <a href="http://emilyvoss.wordpress.com/">emily</a>, did. she thought it would be cute and clever since i had left my lappy logged into my blog. oops. [for the record, i thought it was cute and clever, too. if i didn't i could have deleted it.]</p>

  <p><a href="http://zinedistro.org/">zinedistro</a> is up and running. we are also <a href="http://weblog.zinedistro.org/">blogging about zd stuff</a>. for example, all of zinedistro will be <a href="http://weblog.zinedistro.org/2006/3/26/zdhouse-seattle/">living in one house.</a></p>

  <p>we leave salt lake city for seattle tomoro morning. i'm pretty ready to go. just a trip to the post office, lunch with a friend, watching a couple episodes of lost and packing the van. pretty relaxed compared to the normals moves that i do. [and i've done plenty.]</p>

  <p>i'm also really really stoked to be living with eli again. we've talked about living together for realsies like this for years. since he was still in high school. i've lived on his couch before, but that's not the same. plus, there were the 5 other College Dudes to deal with. [by the way, it doesn't mean i'm NOT excited to lived with brookis, emily or meredith. eli and i just have a LOT of history.]</p>

  <p>so if you know me and we didn't get to say goodbye before i left SLC, i am dearly sorry. i will miss you and this city more than you know. additionally, if you ever want to come to seattle, you have a place to stay.</p>

  <p>get my address from any of our mutual friends or from me directly : veganstraightedge [at] gmail dot com.**</p>

  <p>*ps. that title is pretty meaningless. its just what this one kid thought was the lyrics to this song. needless to say it wasn't. i thought of it, b/c i was gonna title this 'just a quickie' then decided against it.</p>

  <p>**pps. i hate that we've resorted to writing email addresses this way b/c of asshole spiders crawling or addresses to spam.</p>