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  1. I don't need the stuff to remember that we loved each other

  2. Emily (& Civ & Hopscotch) Modeling "Fight Foul & Faster, My Friend. The Old World Is Behind You." Shirts

  3. Screen Printing Instructions from Bookis when Emily his printing gear

  4. Be My Valentine

  5. emily and penguin cup

  6. The story of my birthday, 54 days after the fact.

  7. my girlfriend is pretty cute

  8. Happy 21st Birthday, Emily

  9. The Arcade Fire in one line

  10. sucka MCs can call me sire

  11. Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

  12. the answer: best date ever… a baseball game with vegan hot dogs.

  13. i love you…

  14. the hint: 718, oh oh oh oh oh song, and a backward K.

  15. mickie fickie firecracker soap on rope*

  16. robert deniro and susan suranden can kiss my ass!