Screen Printing Instructions from Bookis when Emily his printing gear

  • I use 110 mesh screens.
  • Flat side = the side of the screen that is completely flat.
  • Squeegee side = the side of the screen that has the wood frame sticking up.
  1. Scrub screen with degreaser (red liquid) and soft scrubby on both sides. rinse.
  2. Dry screens very well, a fan works best.
  3. Steps 3-12 should be in the dark. Fill metal coater about 1/2 full with emulsion.
  4. Set either side of coater flat against the bottom of the screen. Start and end about 1 inch from the top and bottom of screen.
  5. Tip coater so the emulsion is touching the screen. Tip a lot, but don't let the black plastic on the side of the coater to touch the screen.
  6. Gently pull up.
  7. Flip screen and repeat 5 and 6 as many times is necessary. 2 should be enough. You must end coating the squeegee side.
  8. Store with flat side down. You have to set things between the corners and floor so the emulsion doesn't touch the floor.
  9. Dry in a dust-free environment with a fan. Emulsion says not to store for more than 6 hours without burning.
  10. Place screen below light (figure out distance from light.) with the flat side up.
  11. Place image on screen mirrored to what it should look like. Tape down and/or place glass on top of image.
  12. Burn screen. Figure out times and with specific emulsion.

    BBA No. 1 Photoflood (250 Watt)

    Screen Size Lamp Height Exposure Time
    8" x 10" 12 inches 10 minutes
    10"x14" 12 inches 10 minutes
    12 "x 18" 15 inches 16 minutes
    16"x2O" 17 inches 20 minutes
    18"x2O" 17 inches 20 minutes
  13. Wash out with high pressure water. May take a few minutes or 10 but again i've never used that emulsion. Be hasty while the screen is in the light.
  14. Let dry, fan again is a good idea.
  15. Place tape on flat side of screen wherever there are pinholes in the emulsion or edges that are close to ink.
  16. Place in press with flat side down.
  17. Put plenty of ink on screen. on the side closest to the press, mix it well with the squeegee
  18. Pull with the squeegee at a slight angle. Test prints are a good idea.
  19. Get as much ink back in bottle as possible. Clean with ink cleaner.
  20. After done with the image make sure the screen is very clean. Spray a layer of emulsion remover on both sides of screen, Gently scrub until all emulsion is dissolved.
  21. Rinse with hose.

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