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  7. &

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  10. Screen Printing Instructions from Bookis when Emily his printing gear

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  12. I love this as a color palette. I'll use it on a project some day.

  13. new zealand middle earth postmark

  14. batman sketch

  15. macro photograph of dew covered insect

  16. Helvetica of the serif world?

  17. Black Mirror / rorriM kcalB

  18. Is this for real?

  19. Oh, typography nerds and their respective partners

  20. The New Yorker Eustace Tilley Re-Design Contest

  21. Dolphins being awesome.

  22. I've got one lyric pointed at your head for start. The other one's pointed at your weak ass heart.

  23. The complete works of Seth Fischer

  24. Toxic

  25. The distant future. The year 2000.

  26. 10 Fonts that I hate EVEN MORE than I hate Comic Sans

  27. Compare the trailer to the first four minutes of The Kingdom movie

  28. a funny thing happened on the way to bed last night

  29. Please do not get into mischief

  30. A cappella cover of Sufjan Stevens' 'Chicago' on Youtube

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  32. simplicity

  33. HIS Story of Religion: Gone in 90 Seconds

  34. 1000 number paintings & $1 million dollar website

  35. Return to Beginnerdom…

  36. My three favourite baseball teams

  37. hey, where’d you take that photo?

  38. Copy What You Like

  39. never let you down quote

  40. what websites sound like

  41. sketchy business

  42. punkin pie

  43. ne plus ultra edition

  44. The nest architecture of the Florida harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex badius

  45. I am Jack’s LEGO collection

  46. join the resistance. fall in love.

  47. James Miska : Saol, Ceol

  48. ‘Saol, Ceol’ is Gaelic for ‘Life, Music’ or the resistance army audio project’s latest ‘release’: Saol, Ceol by James Miska

  49. new years re(v)olutions

  50. don’t you fucking get it?

  51. things always get worse before they get better

  52. don’t let these tight pants fool you, i’m all heart motherfucker

  53. top ten records

  54. the list : girls

  55. with friends like these, who the fuck needs COINTELPRO?

  56. Trains and sewing machines (you won’t catch me around here)

  57. we are warriors. the great exploriers.

  58. i got a job.

  59. name this item

  60. non-destructive temporary graffiti

  61. ABCs and 123s

  62. … of mercury and ligatures

  63. Trent Reznor Rules

  64. we all see the clouds are gathering

  65. san francisco at night.

  66. pandas are awesomely awesome

  67. sweet ipod icons

  68. tricking out the ol’ bloggo : new header image

  69. banksy strikes again

  70. this so fucking rocks your lame ass

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  72. a new painting

  73. sweet design

  74. pretty tree / tree diagram

  75. McDonald’s [Santa Cruz] grafitti

  76. 60’s Hindi rock n roll

  77. Massive Change : the future of global design