a funny thing happened on the way to bed last night

please do not get into mischief tshirt design

emily and i watched some Planet Earth (Deserts) when we went to bed. afterward, i fell asleep for a bit, then woke up very suddenly for some reason. whatever it was i couldn't fall back to sleep. so i went to the computer room to do some nerding which included reading my feeds in netnewswire. that's when the night takes a weird turn.

one of the feeds i subscribe to is Tom Coates' weblog in his post "links for 2007-05-13" he wrote:

Could someone please turn this sticker into an American Apparel T-shirt, on black (large) and send it to me?

Small typography I think, in the middle. Japanese and English, obviously. Perhaps about six-eight inches across?

the sticker is question says something in japanese. then right below it in english "please do not get into mischief."

i thought, 'sure i could make one those easy enough' because emily bought bookis' screen printing gear a while back and we're finally getting around to going forward with it. i'm also doing some rubinius shirts for evan for railsconf.

then over the course of the next few hours other people were saying in the photo's comments they'd want one if they were made. so i decided to go forward with making. i stayed up all night building a simple page for the resistance army shirts, announced it on the flickr photo page. then the orders started flowing in from all over the world: texas, california, sweden, australia and a ton from the u.k. awesome.

it's crazy how fast i went from 0 to lots of orders. awesome. awesome. awesome. if you want one, go order from the resistance army shirts page.