<p>last time i was down in the cruz i had to pee real bad on my way out of town. so i stopped at McDonald's. used theirs. it was real generic white box made of cinder blocks. real sterile. then i noticed this little [about 1 foot square] metal door. and i think its a circuit breaker box. immediately i think of the hilarity that would ensue if the power was cut. open it and ... bubkiss. it was just one water knob thingy. but inside this little box was the bright and fun and exciting graffiti. it was really struck me so much i went back out to my van and got the ol' cam-damera and took these four pictures. it was like this little secret box of colour in a very, very sterile white box. shhh... it's a secret.</p>
  <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/veganstraightedge/153385686/" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="http://static.flickr.com/64/153385686_42f4e0a791_m.jpg" alt="McDsGraf1.jpg"></a><br>

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<p>Song playing in iTunes while i made this post: <em>The Future, Wouldn't That Be Nice?</em> by The Books.</p>