<p>i've already shown what <a href="http://veganstraightedge.com">this site</a> and <a href="http://zinedistro.org/">zinedistro</a> <a href="http://veganstraightedge.com/articles/2006/6/1/2/websites-as-graphs-zinedistroorg/">look like</a>. now you can hear what they sound like. i made these by using <a href="">The World's Largest Band</a>.</p>
The World's Largest Band applet works by translating HTML tags into notes. When a tag opens, it starts a loop, which will continue until the tag ends. Nested tags lead to nested loops, while the attributes of those tags will trigger the appropriate beat drops and solos. With a little trial and error, HTML can be written explicitly for this instrument, to quickly make some very intricate songs.

here are both zinedistro as midi (in mp3) and this blog as midi (in mp3). i’ve been sitting on these for a while meaning to post them. like a million other things. i’m trying to get caught up. so these next handful of posts might be a bit shorter.

  <li><a href="http://assets.veganstraightedge.com/audio/linked/2006-06-30/zd.mid" title="World's Largest Band">zinedistro in .mid</a></li>
  <li><a href="http://assets.veganstraightedge.com/audio/linked/2006-06-30/tra.mid" title="World's Largest Band">the resistance army in .mid</a></li>