things always get worse before they get better

a friend of mine is going thru some hard times right now. so i told her what i do in the dark times to make it thru to the next light: comics and juice. [which, i know. i know. doesn't sound that out of the ordinary for me, but which comics you read at a time like this is really important.] she had mentioned how good the bottle of rum looked earlier, and i knew i had to intervene, but the book had to be just right.

astonishing x-men : gifted? new avengers : breakout? not sin city. not dark knight. something super hero or not? i don't know. this is tough. she's not a big comic reader, so it has to be perfect. at least, the first one. if she wants to keep going then i can get a little more latitude to work with.

then the trees parted, the cobwebs were removed, the moon shined a bit brighter and all was clear. things always get worse before they get better. of course, why hadn't i seen this sooner? this book has been there for me before why not for other in the hour of need, too?

jeph loeb and tim sale have done lots of books together. all of which [that i've read, which is a lot] are good, but some rise above the rest a bit. catwoman : when in rome, batman : the long halloween, etc. and one book in particular makes my list of 'go to in a pinch comics'; spider-man : blue.

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