<p>It's got me on my knees in a bathroom, praying to a god that I don't even believe in, "Dear Jesus.. are you listening?" If this is the one chance that really matters, don't let me fuck this up. If you had told me about all this when I was fifteen, I never would have believed it.</p>

<p>two bands that are really great in my book have new records coming out real soon.</p>

<p><a href="http://againstme.net/">against me!'s</a> is called <a href="http://www.againstme.net/searching.html">searching for a former clarity</a>. you can download a couple of the mp3s from the <a href="http://www.fatwreck.com/albumdetail.php3?cat_num=684&amp;sd=QyY8XNHRMXIAAEnnIKE">fat wreck chords site</a>. i've already heard a copy of it and its ... growing on me. see the problem is i had heard a demo of a bunch of the songs that ended up on the record. and honestly, i think the demo versions are way way better. they just seem more alive. more vital. however, the songs that are new to me on the record i really like. so i imagine the rest will grow on me.</p>

<p>the other band releasing a new record soon is ... ::drumroll:: ... <a href="http://www.propagandhi.com/news.shtml">propagandhi</a>. goddamn, this band is so effing good. they don't release new material or tour nearly often enough for this boy. it called Potemkin City Limits. more info <a href="http://www.g7welcomingcommittee.com/news/">about it here</a>. <a href="http://www.americasarmy.ca/">preview of one song here</a>. also, there's word that chris hannah is out of the band doing other things, but apparently he is on the recording. i wonder how the new dude sounds.</p>

<p>ps. i know i mixed my metaphors / song references on this post. so cram it.</p>

<p>Currently playing in iTunes: <i>Exhaustion</i> by Against Me!</p>