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  1. Kurdish anarchist revolution in Rojava needs your support. #FeedTheRevolution

  2. Bernie and I have very different definitions of “revolution”.

  3. Or will you become a revolutionary and demand the system be dismantled not simply reformed?

  4. Let's Start with an Assumption

  5. Rise Over Run TShirt for Sale on eBay

  6. Fuck The Border

  7. Old Boing! Collective Mission Statement

  8. Crisis Is Business As Usual

  9. You must always have a secret plan.

  10. Waiting for the Great Leap Foward

  11. Rise Over Run logos for posterity

  12. Remember remember the Fifth of November

  13. Rise Over Run Lyrics

  14. No, I do NOT support the troops. Ever.

  15. HIS Story of Religion: Gone in 90 Seconds

  16. ‘derrick jensen’ by eli

  17. ne plus ultra edition

  18. copius amounts of R.O.I.

  19. James Miska : Saol, Ceol

  20. ‘Saol, Ceol’ is Gaelic for ‘Life, Music’ or the resistance army audio project’s latest ‘release’: Saol, Ceol by James Miska

  21. 2006 predictions

  22. yesterday gets a gold star. ten gold stars!

  23. You Can Almost Hold It In Your Hands

  24. james is the cutest ever

  25. for all 12 of my readers, an invite

  26. i can’t say i totally agree with this

  27. with friends like these, who the fuck needs COINTELPRO?

  28. “the death of birth” and “in devastation, there is opportunity”

  29. grand juries are still tools of state repression.

  30. we all see the clouds are gathering

  31. the long emergency blog

  32. currently reading : the long emergency

  33. this guy saved the world, literally

  34. banksy strikes again

  35. few new[ish] books i wanna read

  36. new analogy

  37. let the blogosphere eat this up

  38. no. software. patents.

  39. we are winning

  40. The Army’s new Counterinsurgency Operations manual…

  41. you’re fucking kidding me, right?

  42. global war map

  43. the lib freq

  44. comparing opensource software development to global guerrilla warfare tactics

  45. Global Guerrillas

  46. found this buried in some folder from ages ago.

  47. i got arrested once

  48. don’t just [not] vote

  49. for every shopping mall. and every bomb that’s dropped.

  50. the best tv moment i’ve ever seen