<p>i just saw on <a href="http://cnn.com">cnn</a> on tv that a U.S. plane or helicopter dropped a bomb in a street where about 50 iraqi people were running out of a building. the score is you can't really tell who these people are from the craptastic quality of the video of the bomb drop.</p>

i haven't been able to finding anything about this in the webspere yet. the closest i came was on the bbc site, but its not specifically about this one controversial bomb.

<p>it's times like this that i am surprised [again and again] by how glibly we can stomach such killing. i'm reminded of a magnificent photo book called <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0714838152/qid=1098049547/sr=2-2/ref=pd_ka_b_2_2/103-1436959-0423017">Inferno</a> by james nachtwey. "Though he is probably the world's most honored recent war photographer, James Nachtwey calls himself an 'antiwar photographer...'" He tries to show the true face of war. starving millions. famine. aids epidemics. children victims of land mines. Not the vague abstract far away emotional disconnected images of despots and military men and 'strategic targets' and 'smart bombs.' [if there was ever an oxymoron, it is 'smart bomb.']</p>

<p>Song playing in iTunes while i made this post: <em>headlines</em> by the devil is electric.</p>