<p>I don't quote friend's blogs often or even point to them. I feel like the few people who read my blog prolly read the few other friends that I have that haves blogs, too. But eli's recent post about reading derrick jensen is just amazing. Its good to see the fire back in him. The whole post is good, but two paragraphs really stand out as awesome.</p>

<p><cite>Eli wrote:</cite></p>

<blockquote cite="http://elisfanclub.com/blog/2006/09/16/derrick-jensen/">
  <p>of all the things i’ve learned, or understood better, or rediscovered because of his work, there is one that stands out among all the rest: civilization is a horrible thing. this wasn’t anything new to me, rather, it had just faded. I knew it all along. ever since I was a kid with an environmentalist dad, ever since I understood the destructiveness of factory farms, ever since the Noblesville City Council spit in my eye and built that damn road anyway, ever since I went through 12 years of public school, ever since I started listening to Rage Against the Machine, ever since I knew what really happened to the Native Americans, ever since I read Daniel Quinn, ever since my mom worked with victims of domestic violence, ever since I saw the blind hate that so many people hold on to, ever since I saw civilization for what it really is (pain and suffering for most, luxuries and wealth for a few; competition instead of cooperation), I knew that something was wrong.</p>


  <p>whether you think it will happen sooner or later, civilization will come to an end, it has to. when it does, salmon will be better off, bears will be better off, birds will be better off, the oceans and forests will be better off, people will be better off, the entire planet will be better off. I just hope that it happens in my life time.</p>

  <p>(Via <a href="http://elisfanclub.com/blog">absolutely ridiculous</a>.)</p>

<p>Its good to have you back, e. Not that you were ever totally gone. But... you know what I mean. Good Stuff, man.</p>