<p>maybe 12 is shooting too high. maybe 4 is more accurate.</p>

<p>if you didn't know and if you care, september 24th is a national (maybe global, but prolly just national) day of action (which is code for lots of vigils, marches, speakers and other forms of <em>inaction</em>) against the war in iraq. i don't know who called for or whatever, but it does seem to be the date that other cities are doing stuff, too. so in salt lake, there's some rally / march / more rally with speakers and music. so if that sounds like you're kind of fun, see you there. or not.</p>

<p>either way if you go to that or not, we're having a birthday party at my house for me, my roomie nate, our neighbor chris, teej (in spirit, as he'll be in cupertino), robert (i think) and andrew (i think). but definitely for me, nate and chris. so if you're reading this, you're are invited. if you're reading this and don't know where i live, write me or call me and i'll decide if i wanna tell you that.</p>

<p>so why would you wanna come to this party? well, there'll be bomb ass rap songs (not actually bomb ass rap songs, per se, just good fun music that may or may not include bomb ass rap songs. let see you post something and get away with saying 'bomb ass rap songs' four times, sucka!), there's a tramapoline, there's a dance floor, there'll be a canopy of xmas lights, tiki torches, awesome vegan eats, sweet sweet company, cute bois and gyrls. i mean, what else do you really need? boos? i already said cute bois and gyrls. oh, booze? that's boring and if you can't have without it than you're pretty boring, too. but its byo, i guess.</p>

<p>if you have any music requests put them in now in the comments and i'll be sure to get them on the list.</p>

<p>Currently playing in iTunes: <em>Turnstitle </em>by Hot Water Music.</p>