new years re(v)olutions

i want to do more, by doing less. fewer projects pulling me in different directions, so that i can give each project more attention. having said that here are the projects:

  • zinedistro
    • beta by valentine's day
    • 1.0 by the ides of march
    • 100 zines at beta launch
    • 25 zines / month
    • announce at sxsw
  • house projects
    • keep improving room:
    • door knob,
    • corner molding,
    • crown molding.
    • keep improving basement:
    • organize food reserves on shelves / in bins,
    • organize tshirts for printing,
    • remove shower,
    • remove sink,
    • remove pipes,
    • setup screen printing gear.
    • ...more later as seasons change
  • the resistance army
    • grow out the resistance army list of projects:
    • zinedistro
    • blogs [me, eli, b(r)ookis, supersecretsquat]
    • shirts
    • sweatshop free printing
    • bikes
    • analog zinedistro
  • non-ongoing projects for later
    • art show
    • film fest
    • workshops

so that's it. i'm gonna try to trim the fat and focus on the stuff that is important and Let That Which Does Not Matter Truly Slide.

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