<li> In the first dream I was a part of a kind of horse gang thing. But we were cowboys, per se. The arrangement we had with the horses was rocky at best. They were the very least amount of domesticated to be ridden. I was kind of a wing nut outsider / new comer that still had to prove myself. So I was always using these new horses that were crazy and awesome, but very reckless and dangerous. But I figured out how to convince this one horse that would run with us, but not let anyone ride it. I raced it on another horse toward this place. While we were passing it and it was catching up to us, it was biting at my arm. (Totally weird). Just when it got a good hold on my arm and was ready to pull me off or eat me or something, we arrived at our destination: an apple orchard. It was like horse heaven. After that, we were total pals. </li>

  <li> I just launched some website. I made one announcement on some other site. Then I sat there watching analytics rack up hits, like in that old UPS commercial. That was all. </li>

  <li> It was in the future. A friend of mine worked as an intern or assistant for this up and up business man. Think Tony Stark, but not as smart / handsome / awesome. She was upset at her boss because of something (I don't remember what). At the same time, boss man was in negotiations with some rival about some new deal. My friend kept sabotaging things behind the scenes making it look like the rivals were doing it to each other. It turned into a full on company vs company battle... with spaceships shooting at each other and everything. The weird part of it was that boss man set up a temporary infirmary at his high rise office building. He was completely welcoming and hospitable to the wounded, regardless of which side they came from. Like this was some old gladiator way of settling business disputes. Just send the armada off to war, the winner gets to decide the business terms in the new contract. My friend got her revenge or whatever, because her boss went totally bat shit crazy from the whole thing. </li>

<p>I'll try to chronicle my weird dreams if I can remember them when I wake up.</p>