14 months and 50,000 comics later...


A couple Novembers ago, I stumbled into The Dreaming Comics & Games for the first time. It's a little comic book and role playing game store on 'The Ave' in the University District of Seattle. It's owned and operated by the nicest dude in the world, Aron.

Aron Tarbuck at the Dreaming Comics & Games in the University District of Seattle, WA

That first time I came into the shop I offered to make him a website in exchange for in store trade credit. Although, that didn't happen right away, I did start working for him a couple weeks later organizing his back issues. I had no idea how daunting a task it would turn out to be. There 90 long boxes worth of books on the floor. At the time when I started there were prolly another dozen long boxes stacked up around the store. And, even though I didn't know it yet, there another 30 or so long boxes in the back that there wasn't room for. What had I signed up to do?

I've worked off and on for 14 months or so on it (and other store organizational things) with peaks and valleys of time put in at the shop. I wish I would've recorded actual hours on this project. After a ton of alphabetizing, reordering, moving stacks and boxes around (so many times Emily was able to see some actual muscle on my arms), a massive sale, more alphabetizing, reordering and moving stacks around, I reached a serious milestone yesterday: I have 1 box left to assimilate in the cases. I ran out of time before he closed last night, but I really wanted to get it all done. Oh well, I will next weekend, I guess.

Either way, this is how I feel.

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