<p>i went and saw <a href="http://www.teganandsara.com">tegan and sara</a> tonight.  great great show.</p>

<p>although, i was by myself. which makes shows less fun. it felt like when i lived in atlanta and didn't know anyone at all the hardcore shows i'd go to. i always brought some food and book with me so i could have something to do in between bands. but i forgot my book tonight. so there you have it. </p>

<p><a href="http://www.thedittybops.com">the ditty bops</a> opened up for them. they were good. but not something i was in the mood for then. i wanted the rock. which tegan and sara brought. seriously, those two have the most amazing voices. they would give me goose bumps. and they sounded as good as they do on their records. seriously, really freakin polished. wasn't sloppy like most band are live. </p>

<p>i chatted it up a bit with the merch kid. she was real nice. and was wearing a blazer that kelly would've loved. with awesome hair, too. she's got a bomb ass job. ride around the country (or two) in a giant bus and get to watch an awesome band every night.  not too bad. i offered them a place to stay, like i do all bands that i like. but they live on their bus now. driving over night so they can arrive into town in the morning when they're waking up.</p>

<p>denver is next for them. i tried to tell them about Lucky Strikes Lanes, but i couldn't remember the name. so i just described it. </p>

<p>oh! and get this. their merch was CRAZY expensive. $20 tshirts. $40 hoodies. $15 cds. seriously, c'mon. i've been involved in making / ordering all of those. and the chief difference between how i did it and them is that they are doing in on a much larger scale. and larger scale orders make individual units cheaper. so maybe i'm missing something, but i just don't get why everything was so pricey. but i did get their first cd that they put out themselves which you can only get from them at their shows, b/c of contractual mucky muck. their label doesn't want it sold anymore b/c it has some of the same songs as their second record, so they just sneak it out at shows. </p>

<p>on the plus side of things, they'll be back on may 2nd opening for the killers. so i get to see them again real soon. i hope to have the book distro up and running by then.</p>

<p>i tried to take a few pictures, but with flash you couldn't see anything. w/o flash they are too blurry. b/c i didn't care to be 'up front.' i'll upload them later. maybe.</p>