<p>this whole 'holiday season' everyone saw those bell ringing volunteers working it outside of all the big box stores in the name of the salvation army. above every little red donation jar thingy was a sign that read 'need knows no season'. every time i saw one i thought: </p>

  <p>if needs truly knows no season, where is the salvation army battalion of bell ringing volunteers the rest of the season?</p>

<p>to me it sounds more like catchy marketing rather than an enacted vision.</p>

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  I would guess they're spending the money raised at Christmas time. I would be more annoyed to see them constantly standing asking for money because I'd be left thinking they weren't getting on with spending it on helping people.

  Dunno though, just my 2 cents.

  i wouldn't say that's the MOST short sighted thing i've ever heard of. bringing a living t-rex back to mainland is way more shortsighted.

  but seriously, do you think that all the bell ringers are the ones that actually spend the money. man, they just send it off to people that are too afraid/greedy to actually get their hands dirty.

  they've stacks to move. they've got bills to pay.

  I'm a bit confused then... if you're saying the people who collect the money aren't the ones who spend it, why would you be worried about not seeing collectors more often? If the money is being spent by other people, why does the absence of bell ringers throughout the year represent "catchy marketing rather than an enacted vision"?

  I'm not trying to pick holes here, just trying to understand your point.

  I'm from the UK and we don't have bell-ringers here, so perhaps things are different over there. We do see the salvation army playing carols at Christmas time and collecting money then, and I think they come round the doors sometime during the year too. There's a salvation army just down the road from my house and I know that, despite not collecting money in the town centre all the time, they constantly run different things for the people in this estate and the one over the road.