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  1. This is where I met Stacey

  2. This is what I was eating when I met Stacey

  3. Debt is slavery. Get free.

  4. I used to wear my hat backward all the time

  5. Big Brothers : Satellites Orbiting Earth

  6. The Rainbow Vomiting Pandas Of Interestingness

  7. Seagull landing one legged on balanced rocks

  8. Fifty Six And A Half Inches Of Freedom (live) by Fuck, Yes!

  9. New Shirt Available! Dark & Dangerous Times Lie Ahead. We Must Soon Make The Decision Between What Is Easy & What Is Right.

  10. flickr fail whale

  11. Stay on target. Almost there.

  12. Making the Invisible Visible

  13. Richie Sexson almost gets beamed then charges the mound clearing both benches and bull pens.

  14. Crash Prep List

  15. my view from breakfast (brekky: australian for breakfast) at bronte beach just outside of sydney before saying goodbye to evan phoenix, eric hodel and

  16. Remember, remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot, I know of no reason Why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot.

  17. Of wings and clouds

  18. warning signs at banzai pipeline beach, north shore, oahu, hawaii.

  19. portrait of me by my roommate gary

  20. australia visa application final step

  21. angle trisection explanation

  22. i have a mohawk now

  23. A decent fowarded (FWD) email from my mom

  24. February 2nd in History


  26. Help Menu Search in Mac OS X Leopard

  27. Creating a sun the hard way.

  28. 79%

  29. A very merry christmas? Fuck, Yes!!!

  30. Interesting Geographic Facts : Waterfalls

  31. Interesting Geographic Facts : United States

  32. Interesting Geographic Facts : Texas

  33. Interesting Geographic Facts : St. Paul , Minnesota

  34. Interesting Geographic Facts : Sahara Desert

  35. Interesting Geographic Facts : Damascus, Syria

  36. Interesting Geographic Facts : Detroit

  37. Interesting Geographic Facts : Chicago

  38. Interesting Geographic Facts : Canadian and U.S. Roads

  39. Interesting Geographic Facts : Canada

  40. Interesting Geographic Facts : Brazil

  41. Interesting Geographic Facts : Antarctica

  42. Interesting Geographic Facts : Amazon

  43. Re: Definition

  44. New Talib Kweli Hotness

  45. Interesting Geographic Facts

  46. cherries growing on our cherry tree in our backyard

  47. the answer: best date ever… a baseball game with vegan hot dogs.

  48. little guy proclaims his love

  49. consumating our menage a network / nerd a trois

  50. we have seen the double-speak of the powerful

  51. news in chinese


  53. i’m moving. again.

  54. i’ve been gone.

  55. i’m not dead.

  56. a liberation frequency podcast

  57. 60’s Hindi rock n roll

  58. Mosaic + SGI + Hubble + Alias|Wavefront