<p>This morning I woke up around 9:00 AM, fed my dog Civ, realized I was still tired and went back to sleep. But when I first awoke, my initial thought was</p>

  <p>Today is Valentine's Day. I'm gonna watch the Peepcode Valentine's Day screencast.</p>

<p>Then I immediately thought after that</p>

  <p>Oh wait. Valentine's Day was a month ago. And there isn't a Peepcode Valentine's Day screencast. Weird.</p>

<p>Later, around 1:00 PM I woke up for real. But I had just finished another weird dream.</p>

<p>In my dream, I was back in junior / senior year of high school. I was with a group of honour students that I shared some classes with. We were all in these dorm rooms in Washington, DC and were a part of some special group of kids that got to take some test that was more important than the SAT/ACT. Very exclusive. </p>

<p>We took part of the test during the day, then studied in the evening / night. BUT, there were very strict rules about everything, even how much and for how long one could study.</p>

<p>So I'm talking to one kid late one night, then another one exclaims "Oh shit! I totally lost track of time and have been reading [some study book] until 3:00 AM. I didn't even realize." She was completely frantic. Then all the other busy bee competitive kids start freaking out and getting jealous. Some just pulled out their books and started studying more. Some were calling for telling on her to the teachers.</p>

<p>Then walks out one of the students from his room into the common room where all the ruckus is happening. He says with stoic calm, "Who cares if she read for a few more hours? I can only study when I'm stoned." Jaws hit the floor. People throw papers in the air and start squawking about the room. </p>

<p>Then the dreams fades to white. Then I wake up.</p>

<p>There was another part of the dream, it was before the previous part, I think. I was exploring the building with one of the girls that was in our group, Abbie Meyer. In real life, I had <em>a little bit of a crush</em> on Abbie Meyer. And in real life, I never really made my move with her. But in this dream, it was clear that she wanted me to make a move. I was not the terrifed version of me that I actually was in high school. In my dream, I was like I am now, a bit more confident. So anyhow, we were exploring the basement of this building. While waiting for an elevator back up, we finally kissed. In real life, that never even came close to happening. Abbie gets filed under "ones that got away".</p>