<p>so i've arrived in flagstaff, az to hang out with my buddy, <a href="http://myspace.com/xsadiehawkinsx">courtney</a> for a few minutes. it pretty nice down here from what i've seen so far. not nearly as desolate desert middle of nowhere as i was expecting. some highlights:</p>

  <li>18 hours on greyhound == not positive</li>
  <li>getting two seats to yourself on greyhound for 18 hours == a little more posi</li>
  <li>greyhound pats you down or searches with metal detectors now</li>
  <li>they do the worst job ever at both of those things</li>
  <li>i put my pocket knife in my shoe twice and got it on no problem</li>
  <li>bringing produce is a good idea. makes you feel like less of a slug.</li>
  <li>four and a half hour layover in vegas suck</li>
  <li>vegas is the worst place ever</li>
  <li>i tried to go to the vegan donut place in vegas on said layover</li>
  <li>it was closed</li>
  <li>i got in an argument with a lame security guard (is there any other kind?) in vegas greyhound station.</li>
  <li>proceeded to tell her she was such a <em>good worker</em> for <em>just doing her job</em>

</li> <li>today i’m going to a barber shop, b/c none of my friends cut my hair before i left and i feel like a schmuck with a starter kit, plus barber shops are fun and i haven’t been to one in years.</li> </ul>

<p>this is the first time i've really been forced to post from the built in admin section of wordpress and i'm really impressed. usually i use marsedit which is bomb tack u lar. but for being a web interface, this is pretty dope, too. i'm really stoked on the <a href="http://asymptomatic.net/wp/2005/08/18/1898/better-every-day/">1.6 version of wordpress</a>.</p>

<p>Currently playing in iTunes: <em>Moving Pictures </em>by Fall Out Boy</p>