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<p>When I think of how hardcore was when I was coming up as a kid in high school and college, I think of <a href="http://history.louisvillehardcore.com/index.php?title=By_The_Grace_Of_God" title="By The Grace Of God - Louisville Punk/Hardcore History">By The Grace Of God</a>. Political and emotional. Powerful and passionate. <a href="http://history.louisvillehardcore.com/index.php?title=Rob_Pennington" title="Rob Pennington - Louisville Punk/Hardcore History">Rob</a> and <a href="http://history.louisvillehardcore.com/index.php?title=Duncan_Barlow" title="Duncan Barlow - Louisville Punk/Hardcore History">Duncan</a> were always so welcoming to the new or otherwise uncool kids, always there to stick up for the bullied.</p>

<p>I interviewed Rob and Duncan for my zine a couple times. Rob put me and my then girlfriend up at his house during Krazy Fest when no one else (even my Atlanta friends that I went with) would help me out.</p>

<p>I haven't seen either of them in years, a situation I hope to remedy this summer on my epic road trip.</p>

<p>Rob/Duncan, if you see this, <a href="mailto:veganstraigthedge@gmail.com">drop me a line</a> and let's get lunch.</p>