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  1. New @JoyceManor jam sounds good.

  2. “Teenager in love” by coffee shop band Just Friends. In Klamath Falls, OR.

  3. Today’s writing music: Bad Religion and Bane.

  4. My “best of” The Beatles

  5. Rise Over Run TShirt for Sale on eBay

  6. Some woman playing at Boing! in Salt Lake City, Utah

  7. James Miska playing "I'm Coming Home" at Boing! in Salt Lake City, Utah

  8. Fall Out Boy Covering 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson in Vancouver, BC

  9. James Miska : 'Saol, Ceol' Redux

  10. Tilly and the Wall on Sesame Street

  11. Fuck The Border

  12. Hobo Chili by ATTICA! ATTICA!

  13. This Is What Hardcore Is To Me

  14. Waiting Room

  15. Defiance, Ohio : The List

  16. Young and Straightedge

  17. I've Never Seen 4 People Have So Much Fun Covering a Defiance Ohio Song While All Sitting in a Bed

  18. MAKE: Blog: Papercone record player

  19. How to Pirate a Vinyl Record