<p>This <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defiance,_Ohio_(band)">Definace, Ohio</a> song was the soundtrack to my time in New Zealand last year.</p>

<iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/0jsSgb2T5PI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


    8 blocks away would put you at the water towers from my place.<br>
    What's the difference when you calculate<br>
    by crunching numbers with crunched up eyelids?

    Twenty-six hundred miles is 45 hours.<br>
    I tried to count the space in a million yellow dashed lines, and my gas tank's just empty.<br>
    I don't have the balls, or the where-with-all, or the cash to fill it again.<br>
    So I guess it's best I stick around the house.

    I measured my days and metered my years in fears and muscle tensions,<br>
    meals and the beds that I slept in!<br>
    Tried to give a few decent gifts and scribbled a few things off the list,<br>
    but it still goes something like this.

    Clean your desk,<br>
    Write your ex,<br>
    Do the dishes and your taxes,<br>
    Throw the shit you don't need away,<br>
    Call the airline about the fast food scam,<br>
    Write to Adam,<br>
    Tape for Craig,<br>
    Throw the beer bottles and the cans away,<br>
    Mix some dirt,<br>
    Underline WORK!

    There's never enough time, never enough time.<br>
    We don't have all the hands we need.<br>
    There's not enough you's or me's to be all the places that we want to.<br>
    There's never enough time, never enough time.<br>
    I'll siphon these anxieties onto to-do lists<br>
    and fidgets and things and things and things...