<p> I have some friends in Chile. Recently, there was a massive 8.8 earthquake. Money was pretty scarce for most of them even before the quake. Now times are even tougher, so I want to help them out. So we're clearing house, selling all of our shirts on the cheap and sending the profits down to Chile. If you've ever considered buying a shirt from us before and haven't, now's the time to act. Buy a shirt and help some folks out who've been dealt a rough hand. </p>

  Domestic shipping is $3 for up to three shirts, $10 for up to three shirts internationally.
  Shipping is <strong>FREE</strong> when you buy four or more shirts.
  Buy the shirts from us at: <a href="http://theresistancearmy.com/" title="The Resistance Army Shirts : The Revolution Is Just a T-Shirt Away">The Resistance Army </a>

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<p><img alt="3" src="http://assets.veganstraightedge.com/photos/linked/2010-03-05/emol/3.jpg"></p>
<p><img alt="4" src="http://assets.veganstraightedge.com/photos/linked/2010-03-05/emol/4.jpg"></p>
<p>Photos from <a href="http://emol.cl">emol.cl</a></p>

<h3>More Photos by <a href="http://ignaciogalvez.com">Ignacio Galvez</a>

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