<p>rurs 10.6.2k5</p>

<p><a href="http://veganstraightedge.com/articles/2006/3/7/2/james-miska-saol-ceol/">james</a> slept well. i did not.</p>

<p>i've learned that i don't really sleep well when i'm traveling. thems the breaks, i guess.</p>

<p>we had the breakfast of champions at subway / taco bell inside of <a href="http://www.tatravelcenters.com/">T.A.</a> our own food, not theirs. dates, pineapples, cashews, mangos, bread and pesto. we rule.</p>

<p>tried for two and half hours at two different doors at T.A. to get a ride from truckers and the what not. eventually i got told "you can't be sitting there with a sign." james was told he couldn't hitchhike there, but he had spotted 'punk looking kid' earlier, waited for him to come out, then talked him up a bit. got a ride with him to go watch a movie [a history of violence], then to pendleton, or. where he was playing a show. his name is krist. he's vegetarian. he performs under the name '<a href="http://myspace.com/southerly">southerly</a>.' he drives a mini van and he's been on tour for 26 months straight. intense. i was gonna try to see him in seattle, b/c i really liked him in pendleton. but seattle had been so great and so many kids i didn't have time to. sorry krist. but i'm getting ahead of myself.</p>

<p>we asked around for a ride at the pendleton show. krist asked for us on stage. he was really really nice to us. pendleton was a sleeping little town. the scene seemed really forced. like they didn't really wanna be there. so we stayed with the kid that was putting up krist. we got some food at the store first. the cashier woman asked me if i wanted her to ring up my juice now. and i said "no, it's cool. i'm good." and it worked. IT FUCKEN WORKED!</p>

<p>we had some pasta with red sauce which is totally totally generic tour food, i know, but it really hit the spot. i fell asleep early. everyone else watched the david cross dvd.</p>