<p>its not funny like 'i told you so', either. its actually not funny at all.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/ulicqeldroma/eu.html">ulic qel droma</a> has always been my favourite jedi. not so much because of what he did or didn't do, but i just thought they told his story really awesomely. [yes, awesomely.] but i feel more and more like him.</p>

<p>i, like ulic, have allowed myself to wander down the wrong path. the path that leads to the dark side. and like ulic, i have seen what i've become; the person i have always despised. so like ulic, i'm leaving.  the best thing i can call it is a vision quest. which isn't quite right though. i need to get perspective. distance usually gives me distance.</p>

<p>unlike ulic, i have friends that care about me enough to help me rather than just kicking me to the curb. also, unlike ulic, i hopefully won't get shot with a blaster through my chest.</p>

<p>maybe in time, like ulic, i too will find redemption.</p>

<p>to those that i have wronged over the years, i am truly sorry. i hope to one day make it up to you.</p>