its not funny like ‘ha ha’…

its not funny like 'i told you so', either. its actually not funny at all.

ulic qel droma has always been my favourite jedi. not so much because of what he did or didn't do, but i just thought they told his story really awesomely. [yes, awesomely.] but i feel more and more like him.

i, like ulic, have allowed myself to wander down the wrong path. the path that leads to the dark side. and like ulic, i have seen what i've become; the person i have always despised. so like ulic, i'm leaving. the best thing i can call it is a vision quest. which isn't quite right though. i need to get perspective. distance usually gives me distance.

unlike ulic, i have friends that care about me enough to help me rather than just kicking me to the curb. also, unlike ulic, i hopefully won't get shot with a blaster through my chest.

maybe in time, like ulic, i too will find redemption.

to those that i have wronged over the years, i am truly sorry. i hope to one day make it up to you.