<p>wed 10.5.2k5</p>

<p>we took the 72 bus from in front of uprock to <a href="http://www.google.com/local?hl=en&amp;lr=&amp;client=safari&amp;rls=en-us&amp;q=transit+center&amp;near=Ogden,+UT&amp;sa=X&amp;oi=locald&amp;radius=0.0&amp;latlng=41223056,-111973056,10380789585458871410">ogden transit centre</a>. walked about two miles down the highway to flying j. at flying j, 2 people sat down and talked us a bit. they were cramping our steez, making us look like we needed a ride for four, which is near impossible to get, instead of a ride for 2. while we were eating our dates and cashews and mango tango, they asked "what are you guys, vegan?"  ...yes. so i scared them away.</p>

<p>i saw a good nice looking kid, the kind you could take home to the parents, with montana plates [granted we weren't going to montana, but we were going north to the <a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?q=salt+lake+city,+ut&amp;ll=41.178073,-111.991796&amp;spn=0.031729,0.066210&amp;hl=en">15 / 84</a> split] so i talked him for a ride up to the split. he agreed. his name was john. he was a mormon. he was in slc for conference [his second one]. talked to us about religion, the church the whole time. he missioned with the mong people in milwaukee and had just gotten back so was plenty excited to talk about it. he went to school and byu idaho.</p>

<p>at the 84 w / 15 n split we tried 2 gas stations [got kicked outta one] and the on-ramp twice. we went a little crazy on the ramp, getting cold and bored and down. but then we remembered that this is better than any day at ANY job. so we started dancing around, being more animated and doing spin kicks.</p>

<p>and that's when adam stopped.</p>

<p>adam was driving from austin, tx to snake river, id. he was in subaru impresza. with turbo. he was totally a street drag racing kid. he like to go 80-90 mph the whole time. which helped us make some lost time. let me tell you he has THE.WORST.TASTE.IN.MUSIC.EVER. seriously, people still listen to techno? he dropped us at a T.A. just before boise, id.</p>

<p>tried for a ride a bit. gave up til morning. went to scout out a good sleeping spot. right next to the T.A. was a <a href="http://www.shiloinns.com/Idaho/boise_airport.html">shilo inn</a>. we almost were able to get on the roof, but instead we slept outside in this little enclave that blocked the wind really well and was out of sight of the windows. it was a really sweet spot. i felt safe. well, safe-ish.</p>