RDoc document icons

I'm working on a Ruby related site redesign that needs some serious love. There are several links to projects' RDoc pages. I thought I'd knock it down to just an icon or the RDoc logo. ...RDoc logo? Gah?

As best as I could find, there isn't an RDoc logo. The old sourceforge page has an atrocious 'logo'. So I made one real quick. Nothing super clever like the Ruby Doc site's logo (which pretty sweet), just a simple 1 + 1 = RDoc Logo.

Wikipedia says:

RDoc, designed by Dave Thomas, is the embedded documentation generator for the Ruby programming language. It analyzes the Ruby source code, generating a structured collection of pages for Ruby objects and methods. Code comments can be added in a natural style. RDoc is included as part of the Ruby core distribution.

RDoc is currently maintained over at RubyForge.

RDoc logo large

RDoc logo medium

RDoc logo small

Lazyweb, enjoy.