<p>dan wood is a real class act. i've always loved watson. it was prolly the first app that really defined the difference between os 9 and os x for me. it's sad to see it go. i tried using sherlock the other day, but it just felt wrong. so here's to hoping that someone clones it. maybe they'll call it <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_Moriarty">Moriarty</a>. oh yeh, i'm mirroring the .dmg of watson 1.7.5 here. as far as i know, it's the last version he released. other people should mirror it, too, to share the load.</p>

<strong>UPDATE</strong>: dan has since put a <a href="http://www.karelia.com/files/Watson_1.7.5.dmg">free .dmg of watson</a> up on the karelia site.

  <p>So ... as of today, Watson (bumps and bruises and all, but still in decent shape) is now freely available. But the catch is, we can't make a new version that doesn't require entering a registration code; we don't have the source to Watson anymore. But we can give out a registration code that anybody is welcome to use.</p>

  <p>So here's the deal. Get a copy of Watson from a friend, or look for it somewhere on the Internet, as Karelia can't provide it directly. (The latest version, for instance, is available on the Yahoo! Watson Users Group, but if somebody wants to host a mirror of it, I'll post the URL here.) Then launch it and choose "Register Watson..." under the "Watson" menu.</p>

    * Enter your name and (optionally) your organization.<br><br>
    * In the E-mail address field, enter:<br><br>
    * And in the Registration field, enter:<br><br>

  <p>(Or, select the text of this message and drag into the registration window.) And that's it! Remember, this is unsupported software.</p>

<p>class act.</p>