I’m taking the plunge

I've been looking for a way out of hosting WordPress myself. Wordpress.com is awesome gives me everything I want except for the random file storage for things I blog about. Sure, it can handle images and documents, but not audio files. I use flickr for my photos, youtube for my videos, del.icio.us for my bookmarks. I just don't know what to use for my audio files.

I have 35 files that I'm hosting for one of two reasons. 1: Things I've blogged about that don't otherwise have a home. 2: Records of very independent musicians that I don't want to see fall into the oblivion (I Have Dreams, A New Kind of American Saint [two hardcore bands that were from Tallahassee around the time I lived in Atlanta, GA for art school] and James Miska [a friend of mine from Salt Lake City, UT]).

When Eli came over today to nerd it up with me, I saw him go to a site and download a file, called Box.net. After checking it I decided to give it the ol' college try (or whatever). So I've moved all of my audio files over there. The only downside to the free account is not the 1GB limit, but the no direct linking. So now all of my files are two clicks away, instead of one. But so what, right? What's two click to you? Nothing.

Either way, now I can make the move over to WordPress.com real soon like. It'll probably be a subdomain, like veganstraightedge.com, because there are other resistance army projects that don't sit inside of my blog. The next post will have the links to all the audio downloads. I'll also be updating the old posts to reflect the new download location for posterity sake.

More on this later...