bash aliases

I use the standard shell in OS X which is bash. A while back I learned about aliases and got hooked. Now I have bash aliases all over my workflow.

Some are specific to my work or projects, though most are not. I'm sure some of these could be a little better here and there, but I'm pretty happy with the state of things.

If you have any good ones that I would like send them over in the comments.

So without further Apu, here is my .bash_login contents.

# path and shell vars
      export PATH="/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/mysql/bin:$PATH"
    export P4CONFIG=.p4config
    export SVN_EDITOR="mate -w"

    # unix navigating
    alias home="cd ~"
  alias la='ls -la'
  alias ll='ls -l'
  alias ..='cd ..'
  alias ...='cd ../..'
  alias o='open .'

  # rails
  alias ss='./script/server'
alias sse='./script/server -e live'
alias mig='./script/generate migration'
alias gen='./script/generate '
alias scaf='./script/generate scaffold_resource'
alias con='./script/console'
alias mod='./script/generate model'
alias cont='./script/generate controller'
alias dbm='rake db:migrate'
alias cl='rake log:clear'
alias ann='rake annotate_models'
alias fix='rake db:fixtures:load'
alias nuke='rake app:db:nuke'

# misc
  alias sgi='sudo gem install'
alias c="cheat"
alias mydb='mysqladmin -u root create'
alias a='autotest'
alias comics='ruby /Users/s/scripts/the_dreaming/new_comics.rb'

# adready
  alias live='rake live:data:update'
alias dbml='rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=live'
alias adready='sup; rake db:remigrate; rake db:remigrate RAILS_ENV=live; dbm; rake db:test:prepare; live'

# merb
  alias mmig='./script/new_migration'

# textmate
  alias sub="mate app config db public test spec"
alias subb="mate app config test spec"
alias app="mate app public test"
alias m="mate"
alias e='mate . &'
alias table="ruby ~/scripts/table_maker.rb"

# bash profile
  alias ebash='mate ~/.bash_login &'
alias rbash='source ~/.bash_login'

# go to my projects
  alias work="cd ~/work"
alias ven="cd ~/work/vendo"
alias vent="cd ~/work/vendo/trunk"
alias w3="cd ~/work/vendo/branches/wave_3"
alias w3="cd ~/work/vendo/branches/wave_4"

# git
  alias gpl="git pull"

# svn
  alias sst='svn st'
alias sci='svn ci'
alias scim='svn ci -m'
alias sad='svn status | grep "^\?" | awk "{print \$2}" | xargs svn add'
alias sup="svn up"
alias srm="svn rm"