can this be done in marsedit?

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in marsedit (made by ranchero software) you can insert HTML tags using keyboard shortcuts. some of which are preset, some you can set yourself. you can also, add your own html tags and optionally keyboard shortcuts for them.

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i've made custom tags for <p>, <ul> / <li>, <dd> / <dt>, and <img>. which i love and use all the time. but my beef is with my <img> tag setup. the thing is marsedit has this really cool functionality when dealing with links which gave me the idea for this <img> thing.

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see? you can add a new link on some text and it will allow you to type it in, or you can add a new link to some selected text with the contents of the clipboard. i want to be able to do that with images. but when you create a custom tag, you can specify its opening text and, optionally, its closing text. but no other data or context.

custom tags

that i'm aware of.

i would like to be able to do something like you can when modifying your preview template.

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i wish i could insert #CLIPBOARD# into my custom tag and have it automagically appear when i insert said tag.

brent simmons, i'm looking at you.

ps. this is partially, an experiment in lazy web. to see if i can resolve this without directly emailing anyone or going to any boards.

pps. and, yes, i recognize the irony in writing a post about a feature request where i have to do it 5 times the hard way. very funny.

Song playing in iTunes while i wrote this post: definitions by blackstar.

Well, actually, you can do that stuff in ecto. It takes %@ as the wildcard for the clipboard and applies the tag to the clipboard. If you need the selected text twice use the %* as the wildcard for the selected text. Maybe MarsEdit'll have that in a next version. Good thinking. We do plan to add #clipboard# support in the next version of MarsEdit. We'll be adding support for #CLIPBOARD# in a future version of MarsEdit.