funny things heard over at svn

well, not so much like funny ha ha. but more like funny awesome.

"The Universe is difficult to comprehend because it is obvious" -Albert Einstein"
File upload limits were discussed and a simple solution was figured out…
Ryan: what are we trying to avoid with a limit? won't a gigantic file just time out anyway?
Jason: thats' the problem. "Why didn't my file transfer work?" "What happened to the file I uploaded" "Why didn't the upload finish?"
Ryan: less software idea..we could just say there's a limit. and then if people try something bigger and it works, then good for them
Jason: I like that best. done."
"You hear weird things on TV. Marcel heard this on a Dish network ad: "Nothing is worse than paying too much for television". Sure, the war in Iraq, the genocide in Darfur, and the destruction of Katrina may be bad…but nothing is worse than paying too much for television. Also: "I know you. You have rheumatoid arthritis" is the first line in an ad I saw for some prescription drug. Whoa, I had no idea. I am now considering moving to Florida."

(Via Fly on the wall: "if the scientists ever cross a rat and an octopus, we're screwed" - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals).)