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  1. I’m going to @SFdotRB tonight. Who else is going?

  2. Do I know anyone in SF looking for housekeeper work? Someone in the neighborhood (Noe) is looking.

  3. Bonus things that'd make a parking space even better: - outlet - hose - toilet - shower None are must have. All are nice to have.

  4. What we are looking for in a parking space: - safe - flat - low traffic/quiet-ish - not having to move the van frequently (every night)

  5. We need a place to park our van in/near SF on the regular for the next few months. Any one with an amendable parking situation?

  6. I’m applying to jobs in SF today. Where do you think I should try to work?

  7. SF: What’s the deal with those air raid sirens? Is that a regular test or something?

  8. FOUR parking enforcement tricycles in sight over just two blocks.

  9. To avoid street sweeping on the other side of the street, this guy parked on the sidewalk.

  10. #BlackLivesMatter. Still.

  11. The sky was beautiful on fire.

  12. The birth and death of a trinary star system.

  13. It’s in slo-mo. Wait for it.

  14. @ckj I’m set up for today/tomorrow. But I’m looking for something for all of next / longer term. Will said desks be available next week?

  15. HEY GUESS WHAT!? @mofo37 and I live in San Francisco now. (For the summer then *probably* back to LA, but who knows.)

  16. SF: Does anyone have a desk that I can borrow at an office that I can co-work at this week?

  17. SF: anyone down town and wanna hang out for a couple hours? I've got nothing doing until 8/9 and am kinda stuck down here.

  18. I'm looking for an office to co-work out of this week in San Francisco. Any friends want to host me?

  19. San Francisco, I am in you!

  20. SF: me and @mofo37 will be in you tonight for the next few days. I want to see all of your smart and beautiful faces. Let's hang/eat/cowork.

  21. SF: where should we park and camp the van in the city for a few days?

  22. What’s with San Francisco always being on fire?