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  1. Bonus things that'd make a parking space even better: - outlet - hose - toilet - shower None are must have. All are nice to have.

  2. What we are looking for in a parking space: - safe - flat - low traffic/quiet-ish - not having to move the van frequently (every night)

  3. We need a place to park our van in/near SF on the regular for the next few months. Any one with an amendable parking situation?

  4. HEY GUESS WHAT!? @mofo37 and I live in San Francisco now. (For the summer then *probably* back to LA, but who knows.)

  5. SF: where should we park and camp the van in the city for a few days?

  6. In about 36 hours, GoWesty replaced #LittleMisadventureTime's transaxle.

  7. When we dropped #LittleMisadventureTime at GoWesty, they loaned us a Eurovan! @ Paso Robles, California

  8. Dropped off #LittleMisadventureTime at @gowesty_westly to get the transaxle leak fixed. @ Gowesty

  9. Vegan van life puns. /via @skyex

  10. The Now: angle grinding.

  11. Today's near house fire brought to you by Mickey Mouse wiring.

  12. This is my new kill switch between house battery and inverter.

  13. Finally installing my battery charger and inverter in #Littlemisadventuretime.

  14. Oh. There's the coolant leak. 😕

  15. Hashtag vanlife, right? "Where is all of the coolant dumping out from?"

  16. This is the prettiest Vanagon I’ve ever seen.

  17. Last night someone called the cops on me for being parked on “their” street. This morning someone knocked on my window and told me they wanted me

  18. Sometimes #vanlife means camping in a parking lot. #LittleMisadventureTime @ Walmart Chipley

  19. I met a couple Westy #vanlife folks (Richard and Angela) who are driving around in a 1989 VW that…

  20. Watching a movie on laptop on a rainy night parked in the city. Hashtag #vanlife. @ Olivia's Market