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  1. Nigiri! @ Shizen

  2. Breakfast taco fixins. (Not pictured: tortillas, daiya, sausage, scramble).

  3. My desert island meal. @ The Whole Bowl

  4. Always be #flattop-ing.

  5. I made nachos for lunch. Then we ate them real hard. @ Paso Robles, California

  6. Vegan van life puns. /via @skyex

  7. Vegan Food in LA : An Incomplete List

  8. “How big government helps big dairy sell milk”

  9. Breakfast sandwich jam. @ Palm Greens Cafe

  10. His and hers. @ Crossroads Kitchen

  11. I made up a secret menu item at the @claracakes brunch pop up: toad in the mac n cheese waffles.

  12. RT @awnuhkuh: @veganstraightedge is seriously serious about his carbs. #vegan #glutenfull #anarchy…

  13. RT @PURELUCKPOPUP: We will be making food for this show! Come hang! #vegan #pureluckvegan #oxfordhouse #burritointhepit…

  14. RT @robeson: It was only a matter of time... made a #vegan map for @Drupalcon PDX. Open collaboration, feel free to add to it:…

  15. RT @jlsuttles: I leave for Paris tomorrow! :D Any advice eating #vegan while I’m there would be appreciated! <3

  16. RT @TrueLoveHealth: Pure Luck #vegan restaurant closing: the writing is on the wall. Sad day in #LosAngeles. I'm so bummed!! http://t.c ...

  17. RT @VegNews: Ever been jealous of those who live in Ft. Worth? You will be when the 1st #vegan movie theater in the US opens! http://tin ...

  18. it starts with eyes closed to fingers crossed. to i swear. i say.

  19. i can’t say i totally agree with this