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  1. We met at #xoxofest and you gave me your card. When I got home I saw that it's for Rose City Raindrops. Who are you?

  2. Not a dry eye in the room. #xoxofest

  3. I cry at #xoxofest more than any other event.

  4. #xoxofest #flattop with @ashedryden. #LittleMisadventureTime @ Sweetpea Baking Company

  5. I'm flying to PDX today to hang out with the #xoxofest folks this weekend (and find a job). Even though I don't have a ticket to attend.

  6. Does anyone have an unused @xoxo ticket that they want to give to me? I wanna pop into PDX last minute this weekend. #xoxofest

  7. First night of #xoxofest I was given this CC❤️ because I license my stuff CCO. @ XOXO Festival

  8. Another of @yacht from last night. #xoxofest @ Holocene Portland

  9. Rumblings that _why is at #xoxofest. #chunkybacon @ Xoxo Fest

  10. RT @mayli: The correct term for plural andys is An Enthusiasm of Andys. #xoxofest @emckean

  11. RT @justsomeguy: Sketchnotes! @gruber's #xoxofest talk: Blogging, ads, and prioritizing quality over money.

  12. The problem with attending really amazing confs like #xoxofest is that I start planning my next dream conf. Eep.

  13. RT @miekd: XOXO 2013, as shot on a Hasselblad — #xoxofest

  14. RT @waxpancake: Trying to burn this night into my long-term memory. Beyond all words. The best thing I’ve ever done in my life. #xoxofest