Where is the Indie Web?

The Indie Web is everywhere. The Indie Web is nowhere. The Indie Web is anywhere you can access the internet.

Personal Websites

The Indie Web is simply the web when it’s owned and controlled by individuals on their own domains. The Indie Web is that place where someone publishes a creative work to her own website. The Indie Web is on individual’s personal domains and in the interactions directly between them. The Indie Web is when just a copy is syndicated out to imperialist website silos. The Indie Web is of the internet on our personal websites.


The Indie Web is, of course, just made of people. The Indie Web community regularly gathers in an IRC channel #indiewebcamp on freenode.net (with a Slack bridge called, indiewebcamp). There’s also a web version at http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/today.


Once per year, we meet in Portland, Oregon, United States for the Indie Web Summit (started in 2011). Additionally, other IndieWebCamps have been organized in multiple cities in the United States and in Europe. We hope to add more cities and in more continents.

Homebrew Website Club

Also, in multiple cities in the United States and in Europe smaller groups meet up more frequently and more informally at a meet up called Homebrew Website Club. At HWC, we share with each other our progress in building and improving our websites. We encourage each other to continue our improvements. And in some cities, there is a silent writing hour where attendees simply write new material for their website.

Both Homebrew Website Clubs and IndieWebCamps are free and available to anyone who owns their domain or wants to. Anyone can also organize a Homebrew Website Club or an IndieWebCamp in their city.