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  1. I’m Quitting Facebook : And You Should Too

  2. Started sketching on #indieweb building blocks logos.

  3. I had a great time at #homebrewwebsiteclub Portland tonight. New and old friends. #indieweb

  4. This week in the #indieweb was a busy one.

  5. @jeena You’re welcome to print new shirt or stickers anytime you want if you want to distro .eu.

  6. Whoa! I didn’t know that I was IN the computer. /by @iwontsignuphere

  7. When in doubt, always hardstyle. /by @iwontsignuphere

  8. Here’s a small taste of how strong my glasses prescription is. /by @iwontsignuphere

  9. I’ve started writing a series: Regarding the Indie Web. So far: What, Why, How, Where, Who.

  10. Regarding the Indie Web : A Series

  11. Regarding the Indie Web : Who

  12. Regarding the Indie Web : Where

  13. Regarding the Indie Web : How

  14. Regarding the Indie Web : Why

  15. Regarding the Indie Web : What

  16. @dustinboston if they look so great, why wait to order? 😉

  17. Dark Matter and the #IndieWeb

  18. Indie Web Camp logo redesign : Final Versions

  19. At HWC tonight, @AnnieHolly built a one page site (rel-me + h-card) with Jekyll/GitHub Pages but is waiting for DNS

  20. At HWC, @KylePonce added rel-me links + h-card to his site, logged into the indiewebcamp wiki, created a user page.

  21. Another small but successful Homebrew Website Club LA (me @annieholly @kyleponce). #indieweb

  22. Demoing #POSSE syndication from my site to Twitter using @DarkMatterAppCo at Homebrew Website Club (LA). #indieweb

  23. We now have an @indiewebcamp tshirt for sale (with the new logo I designed). Buy now for Indie Web Summit! $16

  24. Tonight at Homebrew Website Club LA, I added /new to @DarkMatterAppCo to publish any post type from one page. #indieweb

  25. Waybackpack: CLI to download the entire Wayback Machine archive for a given URL. #indieweb

  26. Geocities Forever. A sad shadow of what Geocities once was. #indieweb #sitedeaths

  27. My #indieweb lunch time lightning tech talk (from 2016-04-26 at @pivotal). "Slides" : http://assets.veganstraightedg

  28. Homebrew Website Club : Los Angeles (Santa Monica) 2016-05-04

  29. I'm going to the IndieWeb Summit

  30. First Homebrew Website Club in LA/Santa Monica, California

  31. @danielpunkass Heard about / looked into #webmention? It’s the (much simpler) replacement for track/ping backs.

  32. #indieweb dead man's switch: hand over the keys and instructions to my site to a trusted person if I don’t respond to a prompt in X time.

  33. This post by @willowbl00 got me thinking about an #indieweb “dead man’s switch”.

  34. @optshiftk @brentsimmons see also: @indiewebcamp

  35. Homebrew Website Club : Los Angeles (Santa Monica) 2016-04-27

  36. Toward an IndieWebCamp Logo Redesign : Iterations in the key of C

  37. IndieWebCamp LA 2016

  38. “Getting Started With microformats2” /by @BarnabyWalters

  39. I would love to see micropub support in @marsedit. ❤️

  40. @danielpunkass #micropub is much more battle-tested now. And is a W3C working draft now too.

  41. My first POSSE. Finally. #indieweb

  42. On 2016-01-10 I launched my site running my #indieweb publishing software, Dark Matter. Now the real work starts.

  43. I'm thinking about moving away from the name Homesteading for my #indieweb software because of its historical baggage. Any ideas for me?

  44. RT @aaronpk: Just launched Telegraph: an API for sending webmentions! #indieweb

  45. Five years later, #indieweb is pretty close to doing what #DiSo 2.0 was theorizing. That's pretty exciting.

  46. #indieweb #longbet with @aaronpk: In 2 years, will @HomesteadingIO have explicit post types? - No: I buy dinner. - Yes: He buys dinner.

  47. It's always great meeting internet friends AFK for the first time. We had dinner with a fellow vegan #indieweb friend, @rhiaro.

  48. Thanks to @t for publishing this #indieweb 2014 recap. It's important to look back on our accomplishments sometimes.

  49. Sketching @HomesteadingIO w/ @bookis revealed to me that there are 3 kinds of #indieweb messaging: micropub webmention microformats parsing

  50. #indieweb + HATEOAS: link[rel=webmention] link[rel=indieauth] link[rel=micropub] link[rel=alternate] (rss/atom)

  51. Thinking about #indieweb + HATEOAS. I think if the site root has <link> tag to all the right things, it still works.

  52. Silo subdomains are part of the problem. #indieweb

  53. Enable / disable geocoding a post. @homesteadingio #indieweb

  54. Things in progress. @homesteadingio #indieweb

  55. Again, to be clear has nothing to do with @indiewebcamp or the #indieweb.

  56. Re-sketching @homesteadingio architecture to better understand / explain it. #indieweb @ The Farmhouse

  57. @xeni Still is. #indieweb

  58. @aaronpk @benwerd @erinjo Could y'all post a screenshot of your #indieweb event posting UIs for me to learn from please?

  59. I wish @aral would've chosen a different name than "indie tech" and "". #indieweb was already around. This just confuses people.

  60. I do think Shanley is right on about the lack of meaningful diversity in the #indieweb community. We need to work real hard on that.

  61. I disagree with Shanley on some (not all) of her technical assessment of the #indieweb. But...

  62. The #indieweb has never been about declaring independence *from* the internet. It's individuals making independent websites.

  63. Though, I do think it's great that #indieweb ideas/ideals/experiments/technologies/designs are being exercised multiple languages/tools.

  64. I don't like PHP or Node (personal preference) and a fair bit of #indieweb work is being done in those languages.

  65. I don't think monolithic apps are a good idea. (Most #indieweb implementations have been pretty monolithic, so far.)

  66. I don't agree with all things that all #indieweb people/projects are doing. But I don't have to do them on my site / in my software.

  67. @dret I disagree. HTML is the lingua franca of the web. Other media types come and go. HTML sticks around. #indieweb

  68. There is a massive amount of prior art for "indie". And not just the #indieweb's use of it.

  69. We don't have to agree about datastore, programming language, host or much of anything. We all make HTML pages served over HTTP. #indieweb

  70. My website is made by me. It's part of the #indieweb. I use a database (pg) as my primary data store. It's my site. Yours can do whatever.

  71. Video: The taking of the group photo at Indie Web Camp 2012 in Portland, Oregon #indieweb

  72. RT @benwerd: The many generations of #indieweb. Lots of people are joining generation 2 now:

  73. @aaronpk Have you documented your #indieweb #quantifiedself work anywhere? I'd like see others' learning before building mine.

  74. 3. Syndicate a copy of my article/note to the mailing list's email address from my site. #indieweb

  75. 1. Write article/note on my site. 2. Set the in-reply-to URL to the (hopefully) public web archive of the mailing list message. #indieweb

  76. I use to think of a "message" as a separate post type. Now I think of an email address as another syndication endpoint. #indieweb

  77. The #indieweb. /via @t

  78. "The Internet With A Human Face" has so many great #indieweb lessons in it.

  79. Did delicious/flickr/Upcoming/etc era APIs require app key and secret? Was access revokable? #indieweb

  80. Either I'm not "in the know" or @aral's use of "consensus" is generous. #indieweb

  81. RT @benwerd: Today in "the dangers of silos": removes all archived videos with just one week's notice.

  82. Had an awesome late night talk with @okayjeffrey introducing him to @homesteadingio and the #indieweb.

  83. Informal #indieweb dinner in SF tonight at 8p? @t @benwerd @jlsuttles @erinjo who else?

  84. @jakeboxer Meet @t. Tantek works on #indieweb / #microformats stuff and at Mozilla on standards. Jake works at GitHub and is a funny dude.

  85. If anyone has POSSEd posts to @medium about #indieweb stuff, I'm curating a collection about it.

  86. ZOMG. If you follow #indieweb folks on Twitter, install this browser extension for full posts and correct URL.

  87. Writing my dream blogging software (and maybe yours too)! #indieweb

  88. Mumble mumble #indieweb, @zeldman. /re

  89. @anildash rel-me and h-card is the foundation of #indieweb interop. They enable auth and replys/comments, respectively.

  90. @anildash If you simply add rel-me to your links to silo profiles and h-entry to your posts, you'll be #indieweb-ing too.

  91. Want to help build the #indieweb? Join us @indiewebcamp : Hollywood 2013 at The @Farmhouse on 2013-11-03.

  92. @TrsstProject I encourage you folks to join us in building the #indieweb. @indiewebcamp here and #indieweb on freenode.

  93. I'm all in on HTML. #indieweb

  94. Last night I wrote a new post: "JSON-LD is an Unneeded Spec" #indieweb

  95. New Post: "JSON-LD is an Unneeded Spec" #indieweb

  96. Please review the IndieAuth Spec for readability. /by @aaronpk et al #indieweb folks

  97. @janaboruta @lstoll I'm writing up a talk proposal about the burgeoning #indieweb software movement to submit to #FutureStack. :D

  98. A Tumblr about site deaths after getting bought by bigger company. #indieweb #ownyourdata /via @al3x

  99. @timbray Do you know about the #indieweb stuff that we're working on?

  100. RT @edsu: @rdhyee fwiw, the demise of google reader, snowden & the #indieweb movement seem to be giving blogging technologies a reboot

  101. @mekajfire @lalavalse If you want to help build the future, I encourage you to join the #indieweb set.

  102. En route to #indieweb hack session. See you soon, nerds!

  103. #indieweb IndieWeb Hack Session Sisters Coffee 1235 NW Marshall St, Portland, Oregon, US Sunday, July 28, 2013 12:00pm to 4:00pm (-0700)

  104. I've started writing up the #indieweb work I'm doing to my own site (on the @indiewebcamp wiki).

  105. @MrAlanCooper @daksis Get into the #indieweb movement. Help us make a better future. See also: @indiewebcamp

  106. Last night I dreamt of #indieweb improvements I need to my site and woke up with "Volcano Girls" by Veruca Salt in my head.

  107. RT @t: Reminder: Feedburner API shuts down TODAY and

  108. RT @aaronpk: Foursquare and Instagram down at the same time. Time to seriously consider building an #indieweb checkin and photo app! /cc ...

  109. @t How was the #indieweb talk?

  110. Another site bites the dust and takes our data with it. This time: #indieweb /cc @t @chrismessina @adactio @erinjo

  111. RT @t: The revolution will not be sharecropped. #indieweb