Toward an IndieWebCamp Logo Redesign Iterations in the key of C

Previously on IndieWebCamp Logo Redesign

I’ve been in the process of redesigning the IndieWebCamp logo. The last round of iterations ended with this version which had an admittedly not the best C in the logomark.

No new attention has been paid to the logotype. Ignore that for now.

Iterations of Rounded C Knockout

Based on suggestions from the #IndieWebCamp IRC channel, I worked on rounding off the knockout in the C.

Original version with rectangle and square corners knockout
Iteration with rectangle and rounded corners knockout
Iteration with pill shape knockout
Iteration with taller pill shape knockout
Iteration with longer pill shape knockout

I felt like this read more like a C. It’s pretty fun, kind of looks like a racecar drive / astronaut helmet. And it’s pretty evenly balanced within itself and within the whole logomark. So at this point, I made the one color and three color versions.

Tennis ball iterations

But after a while, it started feeling like a tennis ball. I got some more feedback from the #IndieWebCamp IRC channel which led me down the path of using just a single cut for the knock out.

Iterations of Thin C Knockout

Here are four slightly different variations of the same idea. Rounded vs square. Half vs three quarters width.

Iterations with single cut knockout

The third one resonated best with the group. I like it too. So, I made the outlines and three color version as well.

Final IndieWebCamp Logomark Redesign With Thin C Knockout

Final (?) proposed IndieWebCamp logomark redesign

If these versions are well accepted by the group, the next step is really nail down the logotype. Which is currently fine, but not that great.

Again, direct any converation about this over to the IndieWebCamp wiki’s /logo page.