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  1. Indie Web Logo Study : First Draft

  2. When designing a logo, remember to trust the process. Don’t get too attached to any one idea. Trust the process.

  3. Started sketching on #indieweb building blocks logos.

  4. @nomyourself @mandipaints What’s “hom yourself”?

  5. My @indiewebcamp logo embroidered on a tote bag! #indieweb /by @sfeldeu

  6. My @indiewebcamp logo in pulsing red light!

  7. Hey @iwontsignuphere, what's the story on this @indiewebcamp logo thing?

  8. @dustinboston if they look so great, why wait to order? 😉

  9. Indie Web Camp logo redesign : Final Versions

  10. We now have an @indiewebcamp tshirt for sale (with the new logo I designed). Buy now for Indie Web Summit! $16

  11. Toward an IndieWebCamp Logo Redesign : Iterations in the key of C

  12. There’s not a single design project that I do where I don’t use math (web, native, logo, etc). Learn your maths, kids!