Earlier this year, I redesigned the Indie Web Camp logo. Shortly after that, we (the indieweb community) decided to change the name of the community and idea and matching domain to Indie Web. Going forward, Indie Web Camp would be used just for the events.

I was a part of this decision and still think it was the right thing to do. But the then recently redesigned Indie Web Camp logo was no longer scoped properly to represent more than just the events. We would now need an Indie Web logo.

Simply removing the C from the IWC in the Indie Web Camp logo would leave it imbalanced. The I and C act as counterweights to each other with the pointy bottom bits of W acting as a kind of fulcrum.

I have been thinking about a new new logo for Indie Web to use on the community wiki, as an avatar on social media accounts, etc.

Part of my thinking for this design was to build it in such a way that it could be a part of larger design system for indieweb related things. Namely, I want to design logos for all of the building blocks (IndieAuth, Webmention, Micropub, et al (and maybe even microformats if Dan Cederholm would be ok with it)). I want an Indie Web logo and those building blocks logos to be able to work together in a coherent way.

One day in a Sacramento coffeeshop, I sketched some (mostly) square based logo ideas. I’ve also been drawn to hexagons for the basis of the design system because of how well they stack together.

To that end, tonight I explored a hexagonal logo design using the I from the Indie Web Camp logo and a re-imagined W to better fit into the space of the hexagon and to balance out the I. Then I added the chevron shape across the top sides to fill out the hexagonal space which also creates the illusion of a cube.

This is a first pass. I feel pretty good about it now. But like the Indie Web Camp logo before where we did a few rounds of iterations between the first draft and the final version, I expect that there will be some rounds of feedback and iteration.

First draft of Indie Web logo design

As per the usual logo process, color and type treatment will come after the final one color design is finalized.

All discussion about this proposal should take place on the Indie Web community wiki /logo page.