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  1. @david_the_gr8 not really. Sorry. Wanna DM me what it's about?

  2. The Techies Project looks amazing! What a huge collection a launch. So much reading to do. Congrats @helena!

  3. Can `helper_method` only be used in ApplicationController.rb? It doesn’t seem to work in other controllers?

  4. I’m running Ruby 2.3.0 (chruby). In a Rake task I shell out to the @heroku CLI. It uses its own Ruby 1.9.3. So, it fails. Any ideas?

  5. When I'm dropped into an existing codebase, I “Inspect Element” a lot more than when I’ve been with the codebase from the start.

  6. The first thing I do on any new (to me) Rails project is update/document the dev setup instructions in the README.

  7. But what a great way to start the weekend, having vanquished my SOAP API foe! Everything seems great compared to that.

  8. This SOAP API uses: - lowercase - camelCase - CamelCase All in the same request/response “envelope”.

  9. :45 minutes “debugging” what turns out to be a case mismatch: :pair more to realize, there’s more case mismatch: This is programming.

  10. I just created a file named `empty-success.xml` and it meant more than I meant it to mean.

  11. Plotting and scheming on a new thing for a new client.

  12. Maybe we should just fork Ruby and change the Code of Conduct to something worth a damn.

  13. SOAP (or maybe just this one API) is such a fickle beast about capitalization. :/

  14. I'm a Ruby developer for a decade now. And I'm seriously disappointed in the The Ruby Community Code of Conduct.

  15. How does SOAP even work? This XML looks like that XML but ERRORS!

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